Ugly Christmas Sweaters!

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Who decides what is cool and what isn’t in stores?  Who are these gatekeepers that proclaim ugly Christmas sweaters are all, ugly?  We don’t know when this wave of angst towards the classic homemade Xmas sweater knitted by grandmas across the country started exactly, but we are glad that balance in all things good is finally being restored.

Ugly Christmas sweaters are becoming a hot gifted item every year.  Even girly celebs like Mila Kunis, Selena Gomez, and Taylor Swift are all about the ugly sweater fashion.  What isn’t there to love about well-made, hand-woven, and warm sweaters during the holiday season?  If the biggest names in fashion say “all for one and one for all” when it comes to these sweaters, what’s holding you up?

Unintended Benefits

Because there are so many people who just can’t appreciate the charm of these ugly sweaters--each year, thrift stores see a big surge in donations.  This isn’t where grandma’s sweaters go to die, though, quite the contrary.  As their stocks of ugly Xmas sweaters pile up over the year, they start seeing those sweaters fly off the shelves as soon as November starts.  By the time Christmas arrives, most thrift stores have sold all of their coveted sweaters.

They’re such a great deal, as they’re the perfect item, for the grumpy, the family member no-one knows much about, the occasional nosy neighbor.  Or try giving one to a soulless coworker.  After all, it is meant to keep those without heat nice and warm, offering superb layering potential. 


Ugly High-Fashion

You heard that right, ugly is the new black.  Well, thanks to Whoopi Goldberg, there’s a new line of ugly Christmas sweaters that flip that name around and steal the power away from holiday cynics.  Whoopi was always a lover of holiday sweaters, often seen wearing them on her show, The View.  Now, she has her own line of very beautiful and intricate Christmas sweaters that are anything but ugly.  

People can be finicky about fashion, often following trends mindlessly, and a lot of that has to do with basic classism or judging something’s attractiveness by its value.  Just think of all the other so-called ugly high-fashion trends that we’ve seen over recent years: mom jeans, baggy clothes, fur coats, and even smoking cigarettes.  The merchants of cool can sell us anything if we follow labels and price tags.

Ugly Sweaters for All!

There is no disputing how comfortable and how effective these ugly grandma sweaters are, so why should they be limited to a few months out of the year?  Halloween has a bit of a following now for the ‘ugly’ sweater designs.  There’s no limit to the canvas of a great cotton or wool sweater.  The more popular these comfy sweaters get, the sooner everyone will stop calling them ugly and just surrender to the fact that they’re practical pieces of wearable art!

In closing, when it comes to ugly things during the holidays, there’s plenty of other places to look than to pick on the sweet old granny who stitches out of love.

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Kwanza, and Feliz Navidad!


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