I love shopping at MMM GIRL! They have a cool variety of clothing for me to wear. They always have that one good look that I am always after. For school, after school and after hours. I like how everything is not overly complicated and some items really showcase my funny side. Definitely, the most exclusive hidden gem out there right now. It’s nice to see a store not overly commercialized or populated like Amazon. This is perfectly exclusive and they like it that way. I like it that way.

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon and I had planned to do some shopping. I wanted to upgrade my wardrobe and was looking for something comfortable wear. I do a lot of cardio, I like running and I definitely like to sport the look to get in my “zone.” I visited the website and saw the new RUN ALL DAYcollection. And I thought about it, and I thought, that this was pretty cool. It’s not just about running. But, I think more about anyone who is giving it their hundred percent. Whether, a mother with septuplets or a CEO with a treadmill on the 33rd floor to get a mental “rush.” RUN ALL DAY means someone who is completely giving it their hundred percent. All day, every day.

So far, every shirt I have bought from MMM GIRL has been complimented and always followed by, “where did you get that shirt?” It’s durable, it’s top quality and it definitely gets all my friends attention; most of all, it’s totally my new favorite place to shop. MMM GIRL is my little secret. All these stores seem to be all about importing clothing but I’m pro-anything that is made in America and MMM GIRL is made in America! So, I’m totally all onboard with that.

Most of my friends wear pretty much the same thing and it becomes a tiresome. I prefer a style that not everyone has, MMM GIRL brand of t-shirts are more unique and exclusive because they’re very low key. I’ve never seen it advertised and I just so happened to stumble upon it with “StumbleUpon.” I value my look and I enjoy making a statement without saying a word. And I also love attention! Plus, the details in some of MMM GIRL’s designs are really fabulous.

The SublimiNation is a strong statement about the indirect persuasion that is going on constantly around us. Really woke me up and I have started to notice new things about the things I see in the news and around where I live. The push for conformity, control and the subtle suggestions that big corporations have conditioned us to accept. Creepy.

On a lighter note though, the Adventure Dog shirt is totally me! I have two dogs and I try to take them join me on my runs when I can. When I look at that shirt I feel like my dog totally deserves to see more of the world than just my backyard. I get reminded of how my dogs enjoy riding with me with the windows down in my car. How the breeze feels so good on their funny looking faces with their tongues sticking out. I wonder what goes through their minds when they see so much of the city. I’m totally going to take them camping with me. It’s the little things in life that makes them happy and I am glad to do it. After all, these are my bestest friends!

“To lead a brand into the future one needs new concepts, not new gimmicks. MMM GIRL was created to be sported by the greatest celebrities on earth. You.” It’s nice to know that they consider their shoppers the real celebrities. And I feel like it when someone compliments me. I hope they don’t explode into 30 gajillion stores and build another nation of clones. Keep it simple, keep it entertaining and I will keep coming back!

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