MMM Girl's Little Shop of Horrors


“I’ve heard about this great shop called Little Shop of Horrors,” said Leigh Brackett to her best friend, Tommy Doyle. They were both strolling down the street just before the end of the working day. Shopkeepers were locking up and twisting their signs to “closed”.


“Perfect! I hope it’s still open as I need a costume for the party,” he replied.


“It should be. The flyer I have says open until 7 on Halloween night.”


“I’m so excited! I really need that zombie hunter costume,” Tommy said.


Leigh stopped in front of a shop. The sign read “Little Shop of Horrors”, and was in colourful red colours in a banner along the top of the windows on each side. 


“Here it is. Let’s hope they still have your costume. Zombies are popular this year.”


“Right.” He followed her inside. 


“Look at all these cool costumes!” Leigh held up a Game of Thrones queen’s costume. “Should I change my mind?”


“Nah, we should stick to the theme. What were you going as again?”


“A scientist,” Leigh said.


“Right. They’re the ones responsible for the zombie apocalypse!”


The pair had a good laugh and didn’t spot the figure creeping up behind them.


“Ahhh!” screamed Leigh. “Oh, good one!” she said laughing.


A figure dressed as a decayed zombie stood in front of her. 


“Fantastic mask! It looks almost real,” she said.


“Ugh, smells real too. I didn’t know they made zombie smell in a bottle?” commented Tommy.


“Yuck, they have all sorts of supplies here.” Leigh backed off from the zombie man. 


The friends continued their search around the store.


“Geez! I think I need to change my costume,” said Tommy.


“Why?” asked Leigh.


“Well, because the store is full of zombies. Hasn’t everyone tired of that yet?”


“Well, in theory. But our party does have a zombie theme. And I thought you were a hunter anyway?”


Tommy was rifling through a rack of jackets. “Yep. Maybe I can wear one of these military looking uniforms?”


“That’s like a two-in-one costume.” Leigh browsed through the Disney costumes. “Perhaps I can be a princess scientist?”


“Can’t see why not. You can be anything you want on Halloween night.”


“Hi guys!” said Barbara.


“Hey look, Tommy, our friend Barbara is here.”


“Hi!” everyone said to each other.


“So, are you guys going to the Apocalyptic party tonight?” She held a brown vest in her hands, a cowboy hat, and a toy crossbow. 


The pair nodded. 


“Great, I’ll see you there,” she said, before heading off to the till.


“That better not be the last crossbow. I think I need that for my uniform.”


“They probably still have some, they’re pretty pricey,” said Leigh. “Hey, get off my arm!” she cried, as a man started grabbing at her. It was the same zombie they’d seen earlier. 


The zombie made chomping sounds and leaned closer to her shoulder.


“Hey, that’s not funny!” cried Tommy. “Learn some rules about consent asshole!” he pushed at the man.


The man fell to the ground, and his arm fell off.


“Ahh!” screamed Leigh. 


“Crap!” cried Tommy. “That’s a real zombie!” 


Where its arm had been were the tattered remains of tendons and muscle. There was no blood. As the zombie moaned and groaned, one of his eyes popped out of its socket.


“That’s too real,” yelled Leigh.


“I think we should get out of here,” said Tommy, grabbing her hand and leading her down the aisle. “I hope Barbara got out in time.”


But ahead of them were several more zombies. They couldn’t tell who was real and who was fake. 


“Why are you stalling?” said Leigh.


Tommy grabbed some of the toy weapons from the shelf.


“Those are toys! They aren’t going to work against a real zombie,” she yelled.


“It’s all they have here! Get back, these guys are coming at us.” 


The pair backed down the aisle, then turned and went down the aisle with the kids’ costumes. 


Leigh tripped over something and landed hard on the ground. 


“Are you okay, Leigh?” asked Tommy. Then he tripped over something and landed on the ground too.


The pair were lying on the ground, fighting against the zombies that were standing over them, chomping their jaws and trying to bite them.


Leigh lay there, struggling to raise to a standing position, while Tommy punched his zombie in the nose. It fell off.


Leigh managed a sitting position when she saw the zombie’s chest in front of her explode in a mixture of blood and guts. The filth sprayed over her face. She remembered to close her eyes and held her breath, as that was how you prevented getting the virus. She grabbed a tissue from her pocket and wiped her face off. 


“Hooray! Nice hit Barbara!” she heard Tommy call. 


Leigh saw Barbara ahead of her. She held the crossbow in her arms and was loading up another arrow. Then she shot at the zombie that was nearly on Tommy. The arrow landed right in its chest and he exploded in the same way. 


“Nice hit!’ she said.


“Let’s get of out here,” said Barbara. “I think I got the last of them.”


The three friends left the shop. Behind them were dead humans and dead zombies. It was best to not have to answer questions when the authorities arrived.


As they headed down the street, Tommy had a question. 


“Wait a minute, why did the toy crossbow work on real zombies?” he asked Barbara.


“Probably because a toy crossbow works on toy zombies,” she replied.


“That doesn’t even make sense,” responded Leigh.


“Well, for some reason the store’s zombie display got resurrected. But I think I got them all,” said Barbara.


“There’s still time to go home and wash up before we head out to the party,” said Leigh.


“You still want to go to a zombie party after all that’s happened?” asked Tommy.


“Hell yah!” said Leigh. “We’re just getting started!”


The three friends had a good laugh as they carried on with the rest of a normal Halloween night, if there ever was such a thing. 




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