Endlessly Fascinating.

MMM GIRL is a brand that stands out among the plethora of its competitors. Its cool-girl-guy guide to fashion is aesthetically fluid and authentically engaging. With its signature introduction, “MMM GIRL was created to be sported by the greatest celebrities on earth. You.” It’s easy to see why it has garnered over half-a-million page views since their launch in 2016. It’s strong determination has built a running popularity which has really given the new generation something to look forward to. Its style bubble showcases this summers most influential street-daily attractions. And they are just getting started.

Fastest Rise.

According to emarketer.com, worldwide retail ecommerce sales will reach $22.45 Trillion this year alone. That is over 6% from the previous year. Double digit growth is projected to continue estimating worldwide ecommerce sales at 27 Trillion by the year 2020. With more and more brick and mortar stores closing, ecommerce has become the new fashion of shopping. This rapid, cool, hip new experience is opening a lot of eyes. This shifting of the tides looks to be breaking the artificial interaction between brick stores. Who are usually staffed with part-timers, working so they can purchase their see-and-be-seen online lookbook.



Everyone’s Been Casted.

Retail ecommerce sales — which includes stores like, MMM GIRL — will rise fifteen percent in North America alone. Maintaining the geographical status as the world’s second largest regional ecommerce market. With greater mobile and internet expansion into categories such as, clothing, groceries, pet products, etc. Digital buyers of the future will have a thrilling gateway to quality content at their fingertips. Each looking for faster and much easier access — to an authentic brand — to help sport their own celebrity status as MMM GIRL so eloquently puts it.


So, whats next for MMM GIRL? They are impressively tactical with their market and have a lot more flavor to offer this generation. This is a brand that will develop into a major attraction for their commitment to quality and their love for their customers.

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