MMM Girl's Fashion Looks for the Campus Runway


Hello, beautiful! So you’ve finally graduated high school and you’re off to conquer the world (or at least your college campus) but now you’re faced with the challenge of what to wear in this new stage of life? Do you go casual in tennies and boyfriend jeans? Do you use the hallways as a runway and wear the latest high-fashion trends? Or do you just throw on a pair of running shorts and a baggy t-shirt and call it a day? All are viable options and truly ones to consider as you transition to adulthood. 

The world is your oyster now, though, so we suggest having a little bit of fun with your fashion and standing out from the crowd while you’re at it. Check out some ideas for how to rock your wardrobe on your college campus like the bad ass chick that you are.


Make a Statement

You know that you have something to say so why not wear it on your sleeve? Be the cool, laid-back girl that doesn’t try to hard by pairing your favorite skinny jeans with a graphic T. Find one that speaks to your heart and shows your personality and it will quickly become one of your favorite go-to items in your closet. 


Layer it Up

Grab a cozy scarf and a v-neck shirt and layer them for an effortless chic look that’s perfect to go from class to dinner with friends. You can pick a classic plaid scarf if you’re feeling preppy, or show your edgy side with a skull-encrusted infinity scarf. 


Be Cool in Leather

Is there anything more cool than a chick in a leather jacket? We don’t think so! Find a motorcycle inspired black leather jacket or go aviator with a distressed bomber one. You’ll look sexy and tough without having to lift a finger!


Show Your Team Spirit

Are you thinking that’s totally not cool to wear college gear and worried that you’ll look like a loser? Good news: it’s absolutely a “do” and one that you should take pride in! Find unique ways to wear your school colors and show your team spirit on game days while you tailgate with 10,000 of your closest friends. 


Get Leggy in Leggings
We all love this comfy style and you should take advantage of it as often as you can! Wear your favorite pair of buttery leggings under an long tunic or sweatshirt. You’ll be able to sit through those long lectures in complete comfort and look cute while doing it! Just make sure that whatever top you choose covers your butt! There’s nothing cute about wearing leggings as pants, girls.



Don’t let your clothes have all the fun! Play up your look with your accessories! Put on some bold earrings, wear a statement necklace, or layer on some bangles. Jewelry not your thing? Choose a funky purse or even a phone or laptop cover! There are plenty of fun and unique ways to express yourself and stand out just through your accessories so have fund with them!


Romp Around Town

The romper is all the rage right now so we say have fun with it while it lasts! We think this is a cute trend and one that makes you look super pulled together with little to no effort! Just make sure that you time your bathroom breaks wisely because there’s nothing easy about popping a squat in a one-piece!


Be You

No matter what outfit you choose, make sure that you’re wearing it because you feel fierce in it and not please anyone else! There’s nothing cool about walking around in sky-high stilettos just to make someone else think you’re sexy. And there’s really nothing cool about wearing crazy revealing outfits just to catch the eye of the drunk frat boy. Wear something that makes you feel gorgeous and strong! If that means stilettos and high slits - great! But if that means a sweatshirt and jeans - do you! That’s what makes a woman attractive. Just being comfortable in your own skin.


College is a wild ride and one that you really should try to enjoy to the fullest. Use this season to take risks and figure out who you are and who you want to be. Part of that journey is having fun with fashion, so don’t be afraid to take risks and play around! Four years from now, you’ll either look back and be thankful for all the crazy adventures that you had or you’ll wish you had stepped out of your comfort zone. Which will it be?


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