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Digital Transformation Age.

Keeping technology running smoothly is becoming a greater challenge. People are continuously using technology more now than ever before. Such countless advancements in this information age can also bring about new dangers.

Research indicates that cyber risk from a single leak can cause catastrophic failure. According to the Institute of Risk Management, cyber risk means any risk of financial loss, disruption or damage to the reputation of an organization from some sort of failure of its IT systems.

Modern technology needs secure and reliable measures to stream, communicate and conduct e-commerce transactions. More than 80 percent of U.S. companies have been successfully hacked, according to a Duke University/CFO Magazine Global Business Outlook Survey. But this is a global epidemic. Cybercrime is a profitable business for hackers and they will affect anyone and everyone without needed security. Juniper research analysts report, cybercrime will cost businesses over $2 Trillion by 2019.



It’s Critical To Secure Your Data.

After courts found the NSA guilty for illegally spying on millions of Americans’ phone records and devices in 2015. ACLU lawyer Alex Abdo said, “Mass surveillance does not make us any safer, and it is fundamentally incompatible with the privacy necessary in a free society.”


There have been a multitude of explosive revelations concerning intelligence agencies gathering of information. Many of which were ruled illegal by courts. Yet, this warrantless surveillance continues as agencies only find ways to monitor everyone more covertly.


When the technology underpinning these services goes wrong, the impact on consumers and businesses alike can be catastrophic. The WannaCry ransomware is a perfect example of how dangerous our digital lifestyles can be.


Ransomware is a type of malware that impairs the functionality of a computer (forcibly encrypting files on your personal hard drive), and then demands the victim pay a ransom in order to return their system to normal.


Imagine having your computer locked from you only to be told that you must pay the very same person who illegaly did this to you. From family memories to career projects, your personal electronics hold valuable pieces of your life.


Global Head of Security Research at Sophos, James Lyne says, “It is estimated that thirty thousand legitimate small business websites are hacked every single day.” Gone are the days that malware is distributed only on adult sites, gambling and other forms of vice. You could have already helped a cyber criminal distribute malicious code to your customers, friends and family, or vice versa.



Best Security Mechanism.

Because technology failures are becoming increasingly common, with high-profile cases in the news on a regular basis. The best security mechanism you can employ to make sure the data you share over the internet is safe from prying eyes and remains confidential is a Virtual Private Network (VPN).


A VPN is proven privacy, eliminating your exposure online. You can do it with a VPN, your data connection is encrypted, so ISPs, governments, NSA spies, and other third parties cannot see which websites you visit, what you download, or whether you use services such as Skype or a P2P application. You hold the power to secure all your devices.


NordVPN is one of the greatest protectors of your privacy and their prevention methods are unmatched by others. NordVPN operates under the jurisdiction of Panama allowing them to guarantee a no-logs policy. Meaning, that your activities using their privacy solutions, are not monitored, recorded, logged, stored or passed to any third party.


Imagine all your data protected by military-grade 2048-bit SSL encryption that is virtually impossible to break. Even a supercomputer can’t crack NordVPN encryption — activate up to six devices — so your personal, business, and other data is safe anywhere you go online.




With millions of people already booking hotel, plane and train tickets online, checking their bank balances on their mobile or sharing a news article with their friends on Facebook. NordVPN is critically important in keeping you safe against increasingly evident cyber risks.


Privacy, Safety and Security. Visit NordVPN.

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