Adventure Dog


A dog will follow you until the end. 

There is a story about a traveler who ascended to heaven. This man traveled with his dog and together they journeyed the mountains of the Himalayas. Now, there were also five other travelers who wished to reach the top of the mountain as well. In order to reach the mountain peak -- in their mortal bodies -- they must be free of sin and untruth. But these five other travelers were dragged down by the weight of their guilt for their sins. 

While climbing the mountain, the traveler with his dog was asked by a god, the reason for his wife and brothers' fall. The traveler knew, that one must give up all earthly belongings and ties to fully commit in ascending to heaven. On reaching the top, the traveler was asked to abandon his companion -- who journeyed to the peak with him -- if he was to enter heaven. But the traveler refused, pointing out the dog's unwavering loyalty. This story symbolized that a dog will follow you until the end. 

There's an adventure for every dog out there. Whether if it's in a basket in the front of your bicycle, kayak, fishing boat, snow sled or on the passenger side of your car. There's a dog out there ready to explore the vast ridges of the earth with you. So, consider taking your dog today wherever you go and build as many memories and new experiences as possible. A pilgrimage is much shorter accomplished with a noble hound.

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